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Conservatives vs. Republicans

Posted by apacheangel on March 10, 2011

Lately I’ve been encountering a lot of people who think that conservative equals Republican and vice versa. I would like to explore the differences and similarities between the conservative movement and the Republican Party. I want to look at what they are today, and not get into the history of either one in any depth.

Conservatism is about ideas into actions. We have the idea that a free market works, and works best under limited government, so to put it into action we oppose any legislation that grows government, or moves the country toward a socialist state. Republicans as a general rule (mavericks excepted) are about party. They support anyone with the GOP brand. They don’t have to agree, they just need to be elephants. Nearly every Republican running for office will proudly declare that he (or she) is a conservative! More often than not, this is an empty campaign promise that doesn’t hold water. George Bush said he was conservative. Yet he grew government and the national debt. Not the actions of a conservative.

Conservatives are not loyal to Republicans, and Republicans are certainly not loyal to conservatives. Any GOP candidate knows that they need to win the conservative base to win, so they play along until they get in office. However, as soon as they have the power they spend taxpayers’ money like a high-roller in Vegas. Conservatives tend to vote conscience rather than party. Many conservatives have more Libertarian leanings.

Conservatives, for the most part, are not willing to compromise. They won’t take “the lesser of two evils,” they won’t accept a “half-and-half” legislation. Republicans, on the other hand, constantly want to “reach across the aisle.” John McCain in his presidential campaign made a huge issue of how he had done this. Look at Saxby Chambliss and the Gang of 10.

Looking at the battles each side picks, the GOP chooses to fight Democrats 100% of the time. They don’t fight other Republicans; they don’t fight Libertarians, they fight the Democrats. Conservatives fight for principles. They fight against liberals, Democrats, Republicans, even Libertarians; whoever is opposed to the ideas they believe are right, that is who they fight.

I have recently discovered the true differences between the right and left, and Democrats and Republicans. In one of my textbooks, a chart was made that looked something like this:

Left (=> Communist – Socialist – Liberal (Center) Conservative – Monarchist – Fascist <=) Right

The difference between the left and right of today, is that nearly all liberals embrace the extremist point of view: communism or socialism. Those on the right do not believe fascism (Nazi Germany, or Sharia Law is a good example of fascism) is the correct path. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that most Democrats admit to being either “liberal” or “progressive” and they are. Most Republicans say that they are “conservative,” and most aren’t. So Republicans have dethroned the Democrats as the party of liars.


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