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English Literature as a Disguise

Posted by apacheangel on March 10, 2011

(Originally posted October 3, 2008)

After spending my entire spring semester reading pornography disguised as English Literature a la English Composition II, I wondered if my teacher was merely lazy and incompetent, or if she was promoting an agenda.

The small community college I attend is far from being considered liberal; lazy would be a better term. It’s not that school officials and teachers want to promote a liberal, politically correct agenda, it’s just that they don’t care enough to actually fight it. If the textbook says that you have to use gender-neutral terms so as not to offend feminists, homosexuals, and the habitually offended, they don’t question it. They don’t examine if it’s right or wrong. They accept what they are handed and don’t give it a second thought. However, after an entire semester of reading trash with no point except to accept one group or another (the original publishing date of our textbook was in the 1960s, so the Black civil rights and feminist stories were the main topics).

We were also required to read Holiday Season/Love at the End of the Year by Michael Knight. This book had a more recent publishing date, so it promoted a more modern agenda: accept homosexuals, teens and young children exploring sexuality is just fine, breaking up a family is OK if there is a really good reason for it (a reason like ‘there isn’t a spark anymore’). Of course there had to be minority characters in the book. An old black woman babysat the two kids of a couple who went out to a New Year’s Eve party, a Hispanic woman charmed everyone and made all the men lust after her, a homosexual couple with a large age difference struggled to get past obstacles. The book was nothing more than trash and propaganda rolled into one sickening heap. This is what we were required to read. As I said, I’m not sure if my teacher was lazy or was trying to push an agenda on her students. I tend to lean toward the first because of other actions she took in the course. However, whether it was laziness or something else, the fact remains that my classmates and I spent an entire semester learning nothing but how to be politically correct.


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