Ramblings from Georgia

The Importance of Fighting

Posted by apacheangel on March 10, 2011

Lately I have encountered a lot of people who are willing to live and let live. I am puzzled by this attitude because most of these people consider themselves either Christians, Conservatives, or both, and they are willing to let the opposition stand unopposed. I will examine their arguments individually, and then analyze them.

On the Conservative side, the argument has been “don’t play to the stereotype that Republicans are hard-nosed fighters” and “it’s only an opinion anyway.” To the first argument, I have to wonder why this is a bad thing. Why are Conservatives concerned with what the Liberal Left thinks of them, and why is it a bad thing to be regarded as someone who stands up and fights for your beliefs? Which ties in to the second argument; Conservatism isn’t just an opinion. Let us examine what Conservatism is at its core.

Economically speaking, Conservatism supports a free-market. Free-markets work better than socialist or communist markets. If you don’t believe me, ask Adam Smith, or Milton Friedman.

Politically speaking, Conservatism is against big government. The bigger the government is, the less freedom people have. Our country was founded on the base principle that we wanted to be free.

Socially speaking, Conservatism holds with so-called “traditional-values,” (a term I personally hate because it plays to the politically correct idea that you shouldn’t mention anything about Christianity or Christians unless it is negative). Where is the liberals’ standard? We have ours. It is The Bible, and if we would stand with it more often than we cower behind it we might actually accomplish something.

In short, Conservative principles are proven, based in fact, and have standards by which they continue. They are not opinions. It is time we realize that we are right and they are wrong. A humorous definition of a liberal that I read recently is “a man too open-minded to take his own side in an argument.” Conservatives need to be vigilant that they do not conform to this stereotype.


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