Ramblings from Georgia

Thought of the Day

Posted by apacheangel on March 10, 2011

(Originally posted October 3, 2008)

If fairy tales had been written by liberals, Little Red Riding Hood would be a child, stifled with her grandmother’s ridiculous rules and constraints, suffering from ADD. Her folly would not be that she disobeyed her grandmother (who, by the way, was a controlling, out of touch, gun-toting, religion-clinging REPUBLICAN), but that she destroyed a natural wildlife habitat! Picking wildflowers! Shameful. Also, she forced others into animal cruelty, killing an endangered species. After all, how many wolves do you see that walk upright, talk and can dress themselves? Of course, the victim of the story then would be the wolf. The moral of the story would be: VOTE DEMOCRAT!


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