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The Day of the Unborn Child

Posted by apacheangel on March 24, 2011

Today I learned of a holiday called “The Day of the Unborn Child.” It is March 25th, to commemorate the day that Jesus was formed in the womb (it’s exactly 9 months before Christmas). Now, if you have read my blog any at all, you know what my thoughts are on Christmas as a religious holiday. If not, you can read my thoughts on Christmas here, and my thoughts on Christmas music here. Moving past that, though, let’s focus on “The Day of the Unborn Child,” because the intent is more than just to remember the conception of Jesus, but to bring awareness to the humanness and personhood of people in the womb.

The first thing that struck me was the use of the word “unborn” rather than “preborn.” Even though these words are used interchangeably in the pro-life community, they do have different connotations. “Pre-born” gives the impression that at sometime in the future a birth will happen. “Unborn” denotes that a birth has not happened, and does not necessarily imply that one will happen. When I hear the phrase “unborn children” I immediately think of the millions that have been murdered. Those that will never be born, because they are dead.

So, this March 25th, take a moment to think about the over 52 million unborn American children. In fact, do more than think about it, think about what you can do about it. Our country can not stand long while the blood of innocents floods our land and cries out to The Lord.

Pray to end abortion.


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