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Guns Don’t Kill People, Abortion Clinics Do

Posted by apacheangel on March 30, 2011

A friend of mine bought me a button with the words “Guns Don’t Kill People, Abortion Clinics Do” printed on it. Recently, I decided to wear it all the time, to raise awareness, to make people think, and hopefully to open up conversations. It worked.

So far, I’ve had passing comments of approval, people who have told me of women in their life who had abortions, or made the decision not to abort, or were thinking about aborting. A waitress at a Steak n Shake tearfully told me that she had aborted 3 of her children before she became a Christian.

Today, however, was different. I was visiting the MAC counter at Macy’s and the sales rep approached me to ask if I needed help. We talked about the makeup for a while, and then she asked what my button said (my hair was in the way). I guess I was too caught up in viewing the makeup, or maybe it was because the she was standing somewhat behind the counter, but I failed to notice her large baby bump. She read my button and then turned to show me her stomach and proudly proclaimed that she was due in May. She went on for some time about her son who is on the way, and her 4 year old son who is quite excited about his new baby brother.

It made me smile, so I thought I’d pass it on to you too. Quite often in the pro-life community we focus on death — abortion. This woman knew exactly how human her prenatal son is, and her thoughts went immediately to him. According to the CDC and Guttmacher Institute, approximately 1 out of 3 pregnancies in the U.S. end in abortion. As sad as that number is, let us not forget the 2 out of 3 that do not end so tragically.


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