Ramblings from Georgia

Murderous Politics

Posted by apacheangel on March 31, 2011

Personhood amendments, anti-discrimination acts, fetal pain laws, woman’s right to know acts, and laws defining life: all the legislative tactics of the mainstream pro-life community. All useless. Not a single one of these legislative actions will do (or has done, for those that have passed) anything to save prenatal people.

Nothing will change until we determine to stand up to the federal tyranny that is Roe v. Wade. That unconstitutional opinion, that allowed the slaughter of millions, has no authority to exist. Individual states must stand up and IGNORE this terrible decision.

In 1793 a man named Chisolm decided to sue the State of Georgia in federal court. The State of Georgia responded to the summons by saying that the federal court had no authority to command the state thusly (bear in mind, this was only 5 years after The Constitution was ratified, the State of Georgia knew the intent of the document full well — as the men who signed it were still living). The State further said that any federal agent coming within the borders of the state to enforce the order would be hanged by the neck until dead without the benefit of clergy. Fast forward to 1973, and the Attorney General of the State of Georgia, Mr. Arthur Bolton, was called to appear to defend the State of Georgia in a federal suit known now as Doe v. Bolton, the companion case to Roe v. Wade. He obediently complied. I wish he’d had the backbone that the Georgia General Assembly has in 1793. Unfortunately he didn’t, and neither did the legislature of 1973, or any legislature since.

Why is it so hard for the Georgia General Assembly to stand up and fulfill their oath of office? Maybe because mainstream pro-life organizations and lobbying groups don’t ask them to. They ask them to take incremental measures. They ask them to “move towards the goal.” They ask them not to rock the boat. The pro-life community has become it’s own enemy.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, about 100 babies will be murdered today. Their blood cries out for vengeance. Hear them.


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