Ramblings from Georgia

Caesar is God

Posted by apacheangel on April 29, 2011

The southeast has just endured one of the worst tornado outbreaks in recent memory. I was right in the middle of it, but God be praised, me and my family were not hurt and were fortunate enough to not sustain any property damage. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were not so fortunate.

As saddened as I am to see my community torn to shreds, my friends left homeless, and to hear the death count rise, I cannot help but be angry.

In the aftermath of the storms, state government officials were quick to respond. In Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal, Senator Jeff Mullis, Representative Martin Scott, Representative Jay Neal, Representative Tom Weldon, and Congressman Tom Graves held a press conference at which the Governor announced that he (with the support of the aforementioned elected officials) had declared Northwest Georgia a disaster area with the purpose of getting federal dollars and aid — FEMA — as soon as possible. There was little mention of God, but then, why should there have been? Their God is the Federal Government. They pray to them, count on them for their protection and survival, and do their utmost to please them and follow their rules.

Unfortunately, this sickness, this SIN, is not unique to corrupt public officials. It extends to the public. We pray to government at all levels to fix our problems and save us from ourselves. As long as we look to the government instead of God, our country will continue it’s decline.


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