Ramblings from Georgia

On the Family

Posted by apacheangel on June 19, 2012

Be careful how you treat each other even when they’re very young
For they watch with learning eyes to see just how it’s done

And when they see you scream and yell
They remember very well
And learn to act accordingly
For this is how you’ve showed them to be

I’ve heard it said tis better to separate
Than make them live in a world of hate
Tis true, tis true, tis better to love
Just as He shows us from Above
But even He does not give up
Does not leave for selfish “love”
To stay together is better, true
Learn to get along, love each other too

For children watch their parents’ love
They learn from you, a mirror of above
So carefully watch what you’re mirroring
Give them hope, love and wings.


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