Ramblings from Georgia


Posted by apacheangel on January 4, 2014

With the changing of the calendar comes the promises of lives to be changed; unfortunately, much like a politician’s campaign promises, those promises are rarely kept. It reminds me of legislative resolutions — not the kind that Virginia and Kentucky put out all those years ago; no, I mean the resolutions that are common today. Today’s legislative resolutions are more like after-election promises. They are commonly a politician’s way of passing legislation on a subject his constituents wanted him to address without having to actually work on any meaningful legislation. The legislative resolution is also commonly used to acknowledge individuals, though, having known someone who was recognized by one of these, I can tell you that it is more worthless than an unsigned, impersonal thank you card, because the individuals are not always made aware of the resolution.

Our words have become meaningless. Even using such strong language as “resolution,” we can’t muster up enough sincerity to fool even ourselves. If you wish to work on anything this year, let it be that your words have meaning and you mean what you say.

Having said all of that, I resolve to blog once a week this year. Take that how you will.


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